Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader

Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader 1.3

Search and add covers to MP3 songs while listening to them

Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader is a free Windows application that makes it easy to add covers to mp3 files. The program scans the default Music folder on startup and displays covers for the mp3 files found. It is also possible to browse other folders in case the music collection is stored in another place.

The program interface is simple, consisting of a single window with a music player plus the information about the active song displayed at the top. Mp3 Cover Downloader retrieves six covers automatically from the Internet and displays them on the panel below. To add a cover the users have to click on any of them and apply the selection.

One great thing about the program is that if the current mp3 file already has a cover it will prompt the user to keep or replace with the selected cover.

Mp3 Cover Downloader is a fast program to add or change mp3 album covers. Unfortunately, it misses a feature to add the same cover to all mp3 files selected taking it longer than it should to add the same cover to all mp3 files of a folder or album, plus it has no ID3 tagging functionality. Interested users may want to take a look at MP3tag.

Max Santillana
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  • Downloads multiple mp3 album covers
  • It can play the mp3 files
  • Easy to use
  • Free


  • No tagging
  • Covers have to be applied individually
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